Monthly Archives: September 2010

Change and Promises (Hey! She’s talking!)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any new artwork, but there’s a good reason. And it won’t be long before I’ll amend that absence. I have been working on getting some of my paintings together for an exhibition, so I’ve put other projects on the back burner for now. I still have some (ahem- LOTS of) finishing touches left to do tomorrow, and Wednesday I’ll bring my work in for submission. Then I’ll buckle down and draw something to share. If you’re in the Exeter, NH area- check it out, or even come to our opening reception Friday, September 10th. There’s going to be lots of great art on display!

Meanwhile, you can have a look at my portfolio, which is filled with work that you haven’t seen here (for the most part). I’ve got to bulk it up a bit, but I’m working on that too. And if you haven’t already, please visit my Etsy shop, Jem’s Imajes, where I am now selling my artwork. I plan to add more work on a regular basis, so keep checking back. It’s an exciting new venture for me!

You may have noticed The Canvas has a different look to it, and I like this new one a lot. It’s very plain, in a good way. I immediately needed a new banner when I changed the theme, and I hadn’t prepared one, so I’m left with one that’s stripped down to the bare bones of text only, and that is going to change soon as well. In fact, my goal is to design a new banner regularly, instead of just sporadically, as I have been doing so far. I’ve found writing things down gets things done. Let’s see if it works. (Speaking of writing things down, this lovely lady has been inspiring many to change their lives by making a list. First item on my list? Write a list.)

I feel almost guilty posting something without any piece of art at all, so I leave you with a couple of photographs I’ve taken recently. Here are summer flowers which forecast the colors of autumn: