Orchids I

I recently visited my local greenhouse to attend a special orchid event. My sister and I took our cameras along, and there were dozens upon dozens of gorgeous orchids to photograph. I’ll be sharing some of the best photos I took there, in between my regular posts about my painting and drawing.

I photographed this particular orchid because I loved the draping, clustered, pointy-petaled bunches of blossoms. They covered this great big plant and reminded me of party decorations. Each flower was very small and delicate, but together they were a very impressive display. Looking at the photo, I noticed the great variety of color present in the plant – several greens, yellows, fuchsia, deep pink, white, and even the bright yellow in the aging stems.

By contrast, this specimen had a very limit color palette. I loved the vivid orange, and the ruffled edge of the rolled petal. I’d really like a blouse inspired by this orchid.

Flowers are so artistically inspiring to me, and although I have rarely painted them recently, they are one of my favorite things to look at.




3 responses to “Orchids I

  1. lovely beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers

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