This is one of a series of five paintings in which I first embroidered or otherwise embellished the canvas with texture before adding any paint, and it’s one of two in which I used an embroidery hoop to stretch and frame the canvas. It is one of the paintings that hung in the Exeter, NH exhibition mentioned here.

After cutting and stretching the canvas, I started with a pencil sketch on the raw canvas. Then I embroidered the canvas.

summit progress painting embroidery tree

I used strings that were pulled from the edges of the canvas as the embroidery thread:

summit progress tree embroidery close-up

I then trimmed the edges and secured them behind the frame, and started painting.

And when I finished painting, it looked like this:

summit tree painting embroidery sunset

I have just moved, and I’ve left most of my art supplies behind, so I have to buy new ones before beginning painting. I can’t wait to get my hands on some canvas and paint again! I’ll be writing about the other paintings I had in the latest exhibition, so stay tuned for the rest of the bunch.


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