A Comfortable Chair

I had plans for that morning. I do not remember them now. They weren’t pressing. I walked by the chair in the living room and loved the way the light shone on the smooth fabric of the wrinkled surface. It was just right to draw. I quickly grabbed my sketchbook and settled onto a much less comfortable chair to draw this one:

green chair pencil drawing armchair

It feels stable, comfortable. Inviting. I didn’t notice until drawing the chair that its cushion is shaped like a slice of bread. I like that. The chair is green, a bit darker than the stool on which the sketchbook is placed in the photo above, and I love the color. But drawing it in shades of grey allowed me to appreciate the shape of the chair more. I especially loved drawing the arms of the chair, complete with curved tops and tacked fronts.

If you look at an object and set aside the color, what aspects do you begin to notice and appreciate?


2 responses to “A Comfortable Chair

  1. Nice! Did you then sit in the comfy chair when you were done? Looks like a good chair to curl up with a book in!

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