I’m Jemia, an artist living and working in Asheville, North Carolina.

This blog was originally started as a way for me to encourage myself to draw and paint regularly. I figured I was more likely to produce artwork if I had someone to show it to, and a virtual record of my art, instead of just a pile of sketchbooks tucked onto a bookshelf which few people see. And it worked! I paint and draw much more regularly now, and I love being able to share my artwork with everyone.

In fact, in the past year I’ve produced a whole lot of new work, which I now sell in my Etsy shop, Jem’s Imajes. I have since shifted the purpose of this blog to providing more information about the process behind the artwork I create and sell.

If you see something here which you’re interested in purchasing which is not for sale in my Etsy shop, just let me know. There is also work there which I haven’t shared here, so have a look for more of my art.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, with more tidbits about my insights, art interests, or other subjects I find inspiring. I’ll also keep you up to date on my blog entries and new artwork in my shop.

Nature is often reflected in my artwork– in landscapes, trees, flowers, and animals. I also like to combine the human figure with shapes from nature in unique and interesting ways. Much of my work is focused on technique, patterns, and textures I create, since for me, the joy is in the process of creation!

Please feel free to comment on my work. I enjoy a good critique and discussion about a piece and the inspiration behind a work of art!


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