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Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday I carved a pumpkin. It had been in my apartment for weeks, and I kept meaning to do something with it, but I didn’t know what. I guess in this case, it’s lucky my apartment is a bit cold, so it stayed fresh over time. Finally inspiration struck, and I started carving.

carving pumpkin halloween art trees

Forest pumpkin carving in progress

It took me most of a day to finish it. After removing all the guts and roasting the seeds, I began the carving process by sketching a forest onto the pumpkin with a permanent marker. I carved around the whole pumpkin, which I’d never done before, and I knew I would be compromising stability, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

First I cut out the largest holes with a sharp paring knife, making sure that I left enough flesh in between each hole for the pumpkin to retain its structure. To get more detailed areas with thin branches, I carved away the skin, but left the inner flesh intact. To do this, I used the tip of the knife to trace the edge of the area that I wanted to cut away. Then I used a straight vegetable peeler (this style) to gently “pry” the skin away from the lighter flesh underneath.

After many hours of carving, I was relieved that I was finally done with my pumpkin masterpiece, since my hand was rather sore. If I do another one of these, I’ll sharpen the knife as I work – by the end, the cutting was becoming difficult. When the blade is sharp, cutting is easier, and I don’t grip the knife so tightly – same goes for everyday cooking, but generally I’m not chopping for hours to make myself a meal.

I was pretty pleased with my results, and even more happy once I saw the results from turning off the lights and putting a candle inside:

carved pumpkin halloween art forest trees

Those are five views of my pumpkin. It looks so different from each side, and has no “back” – an element that I struggled with in my 3-D ventures during my art studies. A pumpkin, round(-ish) already, is the perfect medium for such a sculpture.

What will you carve into a pumpkin this year?

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Emerging Artists, Exeter, NH

In this series of work, I combined embroidery, crochet, found objects, and acrylic paint on canvas. My work focuses on Nature’s variety of beautiful textures and colors. Through my paintings I aim to evoke its simultaneous simplicity and complexity.

exhibit 30 under 30 exeter nh nature paintings

I have close-up images of each painting, and I’ll be writing entries on each painting individually. For now, go and SEE the paintings in Exeter, NH!

What Time Does

Time slips away.

Months pass.

Gorgeous moons rise and fall beyond the horizons. Deep golden ones with red auras.

Living spaces change.

Habits develop.

New people walk into your life, unexpected.

I’m still drawing, still painting, and I feel more inspired than ever. I’m just recording it less these days.

More inspired than ever. It feels wonderful.

I’ll share again.


As you may notice if you’ve visited my blog previously, it’s gone through a bit of a change in the past couple of days. I chose a new visual format which allows me more space for banner design, but is still pretty simple. With my last theme, I had some trouble designing my headers in such a small space. I wanted them to be more bold and noticeable, which was achieved neither by the size (teensy) nor the location (hinged to the very top of the page). I didn’t have fun with it. At first, I looked at it as a challenge, and though challenges are welcome, there’s also something to be said for allowing myself a certain amount of freedom on my own art blog! Then, browsing around artist pages, I found this colorful and fun art blog:, and that was kind of the last straw for me. Look at that banner! All that elbow room… I wanted that. (Also, click around that blog. I love her work.) I’m much happier with this header format and will stick with this one for a while.

I’ve also decided to connect this blog more with my Etsy shop, since I’ll be posting more often about the creation process of my paintings which I sell. So I’ve changed the name from ‘The Canvas’ to ‘Jem’s Imajes Art Blog’ to keep the branding parallel (however, my URL remains the same, so no need to change your bookmark).

This blog started as a way to get myself drawing and painting more regularly again, and I am so happy to say, it has fulfilled its expectations quite nicely. Its new job is to support my shop and the ideas and processes behind my work, and I’m excited to see where it takes me next.

Pawtuckaway Festival Photo

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to update on the festival from earlier this month, but here, finally, is a photo of me with my set-up. It was taken at the end of the festival, so I was cold (though bundled, as you can see!), but I had a great time. I got to talk with people about my art all day!

Since then, I’ve been painting a lot, and working on my Etsy shop. I also have a new Facebook page for my work. ‘Like’ me and I’ll keep you updated on my artwork, shop ideas, blog and shop updates, and exhibitions that will feature my artwork!

Lucky Number 13

Remember this post when I mentioned something about a list? It should have 100 items. I am still working on my list, slowly but surely. I’m up to 13, and that feels lucky.

A Long Time

It has been a long time, this I know.

Not on purpose… and I am still making art, but a few things came up.

I’ll post more soon.

Meanwhile, take note that I’ll soon be participating in this project.

As soon as I receive my sketchbook and start working on it, I’ll update here about how it’s going.