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Sketchbook Project Complete!

Here it is, finally: the compilation of all the pages of my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011 for Art House Co-op.

sketchbook project racoon rooster scavenger illustration

I’ve uploaded larger images of my illustrations on my Jem’s Imajes Facebook page, so you can see all the fun details more clearly.

Now all the sketchbooks which have been sent in are being prepared for their tour, which begins in February at the Brooklyn Art Library.

Looking forward to the project again next year!



I’m finally working on my Sketchbook Project book again (and it’s still not too late for you to join!). Here’s my latest addition:

Wouldn’t you want to be this little scavenger’s friend?















You can find all the work I’ve posted for the Sketchbook Project here.

Prize Pumpkin


Sweet Corn

First Find