Life List

1- Have a solo exhibition of my art in a gallery

2-Run a 10k

3-Own and learn to use a sewing machine

4-Learn calligraphy

5-Make my own yogurt

6-Make 100 sourdough recipes

Done: 1-bread (plain white), 2-waffles, 3-english muffins, 4-bagels, 5-pizza crust, 6-pancakes

7-Get a crazy cool brave haircut

8-Have my own art studio

9-Swim in the deep end

10-Try anchovies

11-Knit a sweater I can (and will) wear

12-Become successful on Etsy

13-Paint a public mural

14-Learn how to throw a decent clay vessel on a wheel

15-Make a soufflé (successfully)

16-Keep a chicken or two for fresh eggs and companionship

17-Visit the Grand Canyon

18-Eat spaghetti in Italy

19-Write and illustrate a cookbook of my favorite recipes

20-Visit Orkney again

21-Illustrate a children’s book that will be published

22-Grow a perennial herb garden

23-Host a themed party

24-Make my own soap

25-Bake delicious croissants, then pain au chocolate

26-Ride a horse

27-Design a typeface

28-Make my own lip balm

29-Visit Seattle

30-Read Romeo and Juliette

31-Milk a cow

32-See a professional opera

34-See a Philharmonic Orchestra

35-Teach/direct an art workshop

36-Visit a rainforest

37-Host a craft night

38-Learn to play an instrument

39-Ride in a hot air balloon

40-Learn to toss a pizza crust

41-Participate in an Artist Residency program

42-Cook whole mussels

43-Go scuba diving

44-Climb a tree

45-Build a giant snow sculpture

46-Visit Alaska

47-Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

48-Perfect my pie crust

49-Speak a second language fluently

50-Do a handstand

51-Do a cartwheel

52-Build a piece of furniture

53-Design a deck of cards, front and back

54-Go to a flea market

55-Learn to carry a tune

56-Lay tile

57-Go on pilgrimage to Haifa

58-Try yoga

59-Blend my own tea (at least 3 blends)


4 responses to “Life List

  1. Love reading this 🙂 Haven’t you been to a flea market? I went with some of the family one summer when we were at Grammie and Grampa’s house. I don’t remember all who came, though. I got an old metal pencil sharpener shaped like a grandfather clock.

  2. Thanks, Honey! I aim to make the list reach 100, but it’s been in the 50s so long, I thought I would just post it and add to it as I like. I don’t remember the flea market you mentioned. But I may not have been there, or I just don’t remember. I’m sure I’ll find one someday!

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