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Life List Explained

Some of you may have already seen the new page I’ve added to this blog – Life List. The creation of my list was first inspired by this list, and I first wrote about it over a year ago. At the time, I wanted to make the list 100 items long before I posted it here. Many months later, it hasn’t quite reached 60, but I am more than ready to share it – to discuss it, to hear ideas of your own, to tell you about my progress as I tick things off and add new ideas. As I’ve stated, I like the “concept” of 100, and perhaps I’ll reach it. More importantly, I think once I achieve certain goals I’ve listed, I’ll be inspired to add new ones.

For example, #2 on my list is to run a 10k (they are in no particular order, by the way – only the order in which I happened to write them down). I may someday want to run a marathon, too, but that’s not on my list because I would like to see how the 10k feels first (and right now, if someone asked me if I’d like to participate in a marathon, I’d give them a good, solid, “no thank you”).

There’s another list I need to include here. It’s like a Life List, but instead it consists of things I’ve already done before starting the list, or without listing them. Acknowledging that life is rich and that I’ve had some great opportunities is just as important to me as looking into what I may do in the future. Conversations with my friend Dani have led me to start said list, and I’ll include it here when it’s ready (thanks, Dani!).

Here are some items from the Life List (you can read it in full here), along with some explanations:

8-Have my own art studio: This has been a dream of mine since I was about 10 years old. I am finally getting to the point in life where I feel like it can be a goal instead of a dream or a wish. Since I graduated from my painting degree, I haven’t worked in a studio. An art “studio” to me is a room dedicated to art. I’ve been working in corners of living rooms and bedrooms for years, and while I am thankful to have any space and materials to create art, I think having a dedicated, larger space for my art will be extremely beneficial to me as an artist, and as a person who prefers not to tip-toe over her art when she opens her dresser drawers.

19-Write and illustrate a cookbook of my favorite recipes: This goal combines two things that excite me – cooking and drawing. I love trying new recipes, and tweaking them to make them my own. And anyone who knows me knows that I love to draw. I haven’t started this project yet, except for developing some recipes and floating vague ideas around in my head about layout and style. Anyone have any ideas that would give the kick in the butt I need to start this? I have really no idea where to start the process of Writing a Book.

36-Visit a rainforest: My second-grade class decorated our whole classroom to look like a rainforest. We studied the rainforest and its animals and plants. I loved it – couldn’t get enough. Since then, I’ve wanted to visit a rainforest. That was 20 years ago. I’m still fascinated (thank you, Mrs. Golisch!).

I’ll be writing details about more of the items in later posts. I’ll also write about my progress with them. What are some items on your list?